Friday, June 22, 2007

Tech Pulse 20070616: iPhone, Safari 3, YouTube on Apple TV, and Parallels 3

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Tech Pulse podcasters Josh, Kyle, and Anthony introduce themselves and discuss the iPhone, Safari 3 Public Beta, YouTube content on the Apple TV, and Parallels Desktop 3.

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Predictions about the Apple iPhone
  • Will it affect how other mobile phone makers design their most basic models?
  • How many units will Apple sell in 2007?
    • via, Apple allegedly placed an order for 500 million Samsung NAND flash chips last monthThese were apparently only ~512 MB chips
  • How soon until they really open it up to third-party developers? Like actual apps downloaded onto the phone, usable even when you can't get a phone signal?
    • Steve Jobs recently said in the Walt Mossberg interview that it would be opened up eventually: "We're working through a way—we'll find a way to let third parties write apps and still preserve security on the iPhone."
    • At WWDC this week, Steve said developers can make Safari-compatible Web apps using AJAX and other "Web 2.0" technologies
      • The release of Safari 3 for Windows was mentioned alongside this announcement
    • Why should anyone care about third-party iPhone apps?
      • Skype/VoIP, for one thing
Safari 3 Public Beta
  • Now available for Mac... and Windows!
  • Neither Mac nor Windows version has the rumored anti-phishing features
      • This makes Safari a poor choice for anyone who might potentially fall for such scams—which is a huge portion of Internet users
  • Only the Windows version has the choice of Yahoo! search from the toolbar
  • Reasons for opening up Safari to Windows users:
    • Get Windows users more accustomed to the "Apple experience"
    • Make moolah off the search revenue
    • Make it easier for Windows developers to develop iPhone apps without having their hands on one yet
Apple TV gains YouTube support
  • So... how exactly does it work? Are all videos reencoded as H.264? Has this been done for all videos, or only the most popular ones? Will this be done for all new uploads to YouTube instantly from now on?
  • What kind of interface does the Apple TV have for browsing YouTube videos?
Parallels Desktop 3.0 released
  • Now with support for 3D gaming!!!

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