Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tech Pulse 20070711: iPhone Nano Rumors, E3,, Quicksilver and Launchy,, and more!

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Josh, Anthony, and Big-O discuss rumors about an iPhone Nano and share some E3 highlights, tech tips, and picks including and NeoOffice, Growl, Quicksilver and Launchy, and

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Tech News
Discuss some interesting recent news in the tech industry

  • iPhone Nano rumors are discussed - when might one be released? Around the end of the year, perhaps around the holiday season?
  • Highlights from the E3 electronic entertainment expo
    • Nintendo is bringing back the light gun: the Wii Zapper
Tech Tips
  • In Mac OS X, you can Force Quit an application from the Dock using the contextual menu
    • Right-click (or Control-click) on the application in the Dock and hold the Option key, and Quit will change into Force Quit
    • Josh and Big-O discuss ways to force an application to quit via the Terminal
      • Use the command top to find out the process ID number of the crashing application, then use kill -9 processid
      • Alternatively, killall applicationname (case sensitive, e.g. "Finder", not "finder")
  • iPod setup and maintenance
    • Enabling disk mode for PC and Mac
      • Format it on a Windows PC, then you can use it on both
    • Improving performance
      • You can defrag the iPod hard drive (not recommended by Apple)
      • Alternatively, you can reformat and reload all songs
Software/Hardware/Site etc. Picks
  • (Windows/Linux) / NeoOffice (Mac)
    • free and open source Microsoft Office replacements/supplements
    • support opening Microsoft Office, Microsoft Works, WordPerfect, and several other document formats
    • NeoOffice can open and save documents in the new Microsoft Office 2007 file formats (e.g. ".docx")
    • The team is working on their own official port for Mac OS X
    • Big-O warns that NeoOffice is slow on all but the newest hardware
  • Growl system alerts utility for Mac OS X
    • adds visual effects to system alerts, application notifications, etc. on your Mac

  • Quicksilver application launcher for Mac OS X
    • quick application launcher - faster than Spotlight on Tiger
  • Launchy for Windows mentioned by Josh
    • alt+spacebar brings it up, very much like Command+spacebar to bring up Spotlight on the Mac
    • Host your own Web site through this service, which has lots of great features at a reasonable price
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