Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tech Pulse 20070823: Hacked, 700 MHz and Google, Open Letter to Palm, and more!

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Josh talks about user data being stolen, Google preparing to bid on the 700 MHz spectrum, Engadget's open letter to Palm: get with the times, full screen mode in QuickTime Player without 7.2 or Pro, and the Mac browser Camino!

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Tech News
Tech Tips
  • How to get QuickTime to display movies in full-screen without QuickTime 7.2 (or buying the Pro version)
    • tell application "QuickTime Player"
      present front movie scale screen
      end tell

      Save the above script as an application (you can do this with either Script Editor or Automator). The next time you open a video file in QuickTime Player, just run the AppleScript, and violĂ ! Full-screen mode.

    • useful for systems that can't upgrade to 7.2, or when using restricted accounts without installation privileges
Software/Hardware/Site etc. Picks
  • Camino browser for Mac OS X
    • uses the same engine as Firefox (Gecko)
    • built-in ad blocking and Flash blocking options (which are two of my favorite Add-ons for Firefox anyway)
    • built using Apple's Cocoa API rather than Carbon (i.e. it's a more modern-style Mac app under the hood)
    • seems to be more stable than Firefox in my very limited testing (more stable, at least, than Firefox with a few third-party Add-ons installed such as Adblock and Flashblock)
    • cons: not as extensible as Firefox, and fewer choices in Preferences
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